About Me

My husband's family has a long and storied past in this country. Both the maternal and paternal branches of my late father-in-law, Richard Warren Brock’s family can legitimately boast their origins to the cradles of America history - New England and colonial Virginia. From those humble and distant origins, those branches have stretched across most of the northeast, including Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, New York and Pennsylvania.

And while my hubby boasted that Plymouth Rock was his family's hometown, he knew little, okay, nothing, of any of his other ancestors. 

We moved to Massachusetts in 2011 and the idea of being this close to our nation's historical origins, not to mention's Jason's genealogy, is thrilling. However, for a girl from New Jersey, whose ancestral roots begin in Virginia and Maryland, let's just say I prefer the iconic New England winters more in photographs than I do in person.  

So, this blog is my creative outlet, to prattle on about my ongoing genealogical research, historical costuming, building our new life, and renovating our  home here in the Bay State. When I decided to take this blog on, I mulled over  what to call it. It had to be something fun, and then it hit me. Jason's come full circle, genealogically speaking. He's back where his family started - Plymouth...Brock.