The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Posted by Donna on 7:02 PM with No comments
The Massachusetts winter of 2013-2014 can be best described as the gift that keeps on giving. I wish I could re-gift it to Florida.

We’ve had records amount of snow, bone chilling cold and on Thursday, Mother Nature had another hissy fit, dumping the trifecta of winter fun – snow, sleet and rain, up and down the east coast. With another 12 inches piled up in our front and back yards, (I’m fairly certain we’re not going to see our grill until May) my poor hubby gave the Little Snow Blower that Could another workout, chugging up and down 200 feet of driveway so we could head to Virginia.

Yes, Virginia. A 10-hour drive through a multi-state snowstorm.

We’d already made plans – my son, daughter, son-in-law and grandkids - to converge at our house in Virginia over President’s Day weekend, long before we knew about this latest winter wallop. We debated. Should we go? Should we stay? The weather wizards were dancing around the possibility of another storm on Saturday, but I knew I could accurately predict sunshine in Virginia, courtesy of the smiling faces of my 4 grandchildren. I’ll admit, I’m not used to having kids underfoot, empty sippy cups on the counter and the trail of crayons and toys leading from the “playroom”, but or but I wouldn’t trade these times or the art on my refrigerator for anything.

Our longtime friends (34 years and counting) came up on Saturday night – my son-in-law knocked dinner out of the park with a great eggplant rollatini and penne vodka, followed by Tiramisu cake and Baked Alaska courtesy of my daughter’s infinite baking talents. There was laughter, wine and good times. It was a weekend of happy chaos. 

This morning, as I look out the kitchen window at my backyard, also known as the 13th fairway, I can see signs that Spring is getting ready for her 2014 debut - a gentle breeze dancing with the budding branches, birds chasing each other across the blue skies and an errant golf ball nestled under the magnolia tree. Unfortunately, the next cup of coffee will be sipped from a travel mug. It’s going to be a long drive back to Massachusetts, with more snow in the forecast and a high of 14 degrees, but it’s only six weeks to April and we’ll be heading south again.