Civil War Harley 2014

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Civil War Harley 2014

For the last few years – four to be exact, my hubby and I have spent a two week vacation doing what some may think unconventional. Two weeks on a Harley. Let me tell you, they are the best two weeks of the year.

I dubbed our inaugural ride the Civil War Harley tour because our route, through the scenic highways and byways of the south, was charted with specific Civil War sites and battlefields in mind. We hit the biggies, starting with a Gettysburg drive-by (that’s a blog for another day - my continued and relentless request for 4 days in that most hallowed ground), Manassas, Vicksburg, Shiloh, Franklin, and Antietem. It was an exhilarating and oftimes somber trip through history and Americana. Armed with my trusty Canon (this year I’m bucking for a GoPro to capture the whole trip), I have snapped thousands of photos of people, places, architecture, withered barns, beautiful landscapes and small Main Street towns over the years.

I wrote a blog each night well, almost ( and an annual adventure was born.

This year, we’re taking the Root Beer Float (my name for the bike, not Jason’s) -  a beautiful root beer colored 2013 Anniversary edition ElectraGlide, which, when sitting in the back seat, truly feels like you’re floating. And we’re heading in a whole different direction.  North.  The ride will take us through Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Prince Edward Island, Niagara Falls and a visit to Buckfield, Maine, the tiny town where Jason’s great, great grandfather, Civil War Alvan (to note his military service and distinguish him from several other Alvans and Alvins in the family) was born and raised. While not a Civil War tour in our traditional sense, homage to an ancestral veteran of the War Between the States will keep the Civil War in our tour this year.

Of course, I’ll be blogging and capturing the ride on film – well, digital film – so get ready to ride along!